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Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss
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Dr. Leigh Smith

Dr. Smith is one of the nation’s leading adult amplification specialists.

Dr. Smith is an Audiologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of adult hearing disorders. She completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island, a Doctor of Audiology degree from Texas Tech University, and completed clinical coursework in Rochester, NY before settling in the Tampa area. Prior to starting Florida Audiology Associates, Dr. Smith was the Audiology Director for Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists where she revived and expanded a hearing aid department overseeing multiple offices across three counties.
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Hearing loss is never normal at any age

You don’t know what you don’t hear

Untreated hearing loss is related to the onset of Dementia. The more hearing loss we have, and the longer it goes untreated, the more likely someone is to Dementia compared to those with normal hearing. A research article from a 2011 study performed at Johns Hopkins University by Dr. Frank Lin is available in our patient resources page. There, you can read how researchers in the study determined that hearing loss and Dementia are strongly connected even after accounting for other risk factors such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, and age.
what to expect
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Common signs of hearing loss

Call to schedule if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  1. Ringing in the ears
  2. Saying “I can hear you, but I can’t understand you”
  3. People sound like they are mumbling or soft spoken
  4. Unable to understand conversations in background noise
  5. Can follow a news broadcast but not a television series
  6. Needing to put a phone call on speaker
  7. Asking people to repeat
  8. Unable to understand someone if you’re not able to lipread (trouble hearing people wearing masks)
Hearing Aid overview
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John Cuomo
John Cuomo
Dr. Leigh Smith is a very knowledgeable Audiologist with a nice easy going personality. I was amazed at the complexity of the audio hearing program. Being an engineer, I can appreciate the technical aspects of the program.
Leigh is very through and answered all of my questions. Everyone there is very helpful and nice.
fran mikutis
fran mikutis
I experienced a very favorable appointment. Couldn't be more pleased with the individual time spent. Thank you.
george baxter
george baxter
I t was wonderful to meet with Dr Leigh Smith and meet Yvette My hearing aids are much clearer , as Dr Leigh spent time with meAlways a pleasure, she is caring effecient , always has a smile
Donna Beatty
Donna Beatty
I am totally satisfied with the warm professionalism Dr Smith provided- highly recommend her expertise!
Anthony Locacio
Anthony Locacio
Professional, courteous and patient explaining the process and results. Thank you Dr. Smith!
jeff szulinski
jeff szulinski
Dr. Smith was awesome.explained everything possible to me .told me many things I did not know a super pleasant Woman. Kudos to her. 5stars isn’t enough.Deserves more. THANKYOU Dr.Smith.
Mary Ensor
Mary Ensor
Very thorough and complete testing. Explained and very honest according to what I needed
Lorraine Palisi
Lorraine Palisi
My 92yr old mom was referred to Dr Smith due to hearing loss even though she has hearing aides. Dr Smith treated my mom like her own family and took such wonderful care of her. She actually retested mom's hearing and thankfully reprogrammed her hearing aides as well. The hearing aides were not programmed where they should be leaving mom's hearing at 40%. Not good enough so with some tweeking and adjustments my mom's face lit up when she could actually hear our conversation. We were both so so happy that Dr Smith was able to treat mom from a medical standpoint instead of just audiology side. Again Dr Smith thank you with all of my heart.
John Luebbe
John Luebbe
Great Doctor. Very knowledgeable.

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